Poet Billy Lamont Recites Poem In Remembrance Of WTC Tragedy on Sept 11th 2011

The Poet's Eye video blog #5: Poet Billy Lamont recites a poem entitled "new york meditations: wisdom in the chaos" on September 11th, 2011 for the 10th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Tragedy. This poem began as an improv as he recited for the families of missing/lost WTC tragedy workers/first responders in Union Square, NYC on Sunday, Sept 16th 2001. Family friends the late John and Joe Vigiano and all the lost Firemen, Policemen, EMS and workers in the Twin Towers during the WTC Tragedy are in Lamont's thoughts and prayers today on the 10th anniversary. This video blog has a lot of heart but was shot in one take and had a false start so you can see Lamont make some mistakes with his intro This poem is included in Lamont's 2005 book of poems entitled "strobe light generation." Love and life to you.